creating for the creator

XPL System™

we had the pleasure of working with the initial launch of the XPL System™ product website. this side features a new fitness product lunched in late 2012. along with basic content management the site boast streaming video and e-commerce.

Porous City is a website geared towards the collaboration of designers, inventors, and investors to work towards solving sea level rise problems in norfolk by 2115. the site is approaches design in a publicly collaborative manner with an emphasis on education.


tHRive is a young professionals program of the hampton roads chamber of commerce driven to provide a platform to advance and empower young professionals in the region. this site features connectivity and extensive content management between events, articles, news, photos, and more to market to millennials.

alejandro j. medina studios

this is the fourth version of alejandro j. medina studios that we produce. merging the entire alejandro j. medina studios into one content management system housing our portfolio and connection to the studio through social media. the design features custom plug-ins and an immersion into the photography of the studio.